As publication day draws ever closer, I vacillate between overwhelming excitement and abject terror. This book means the world to me and my poor heart can hardly take it.

The book will be available for pre-order within the next week or so, but today I can finally show you all the cover.

The painting is by the incredibly talented and skilled Chisom Emecheta. I love all the life and texture she’s managed to pack into the image and I am so thoroughly thrilled with it.

I hope y’all love it to!

Image description: Oil painting of the head and shoulders of a thin white woman with white hair in a black robe. She has blue and green wings. She is looking down so her eyes are not visible.


Cover Reveal: Vivat Regina

Year End Musings

As the year draws to a freezing close, it’s a great time to reflect on how 2018 has gone.

This year I launched my Etsy shop. Again, I feel so blessed to know that there are people from all over the place who love my poetry. I hope to do some more with it next year, growing my product selection a little and designing some really pretty things you can get. (If there’s anything in particular you want to see, please let me know).

Emotionally, this has been a rough year. I’ve completed the first year of my new job and lord, it’s taken a lot out of me. Watching my country destroy itself out of misplaced imperial nostalgia has been painful. If it weren’t for my friends, my family and my art (and twitter) I don’t know how I would have made it. But I have! And here I am, ready to face another year.

On 9th February, my debut poetry collection Vivat Regina will hit the presses. I hope to be able to offer my wonderful patrons some really cool pre-order deals so please, continue let me know what y’all would like. It’s been a labour of love and I’m a little sad it’s almost over. But it’ll give me a chance to move onto the next thing, and I’ve started two awesome new poetry projects over on my Patreon

Nazgûl: A Poetic Fanfic

A little while back, a Facebook friend posted a meme about the Nazgûl (from Lord of the Rings, for those who don’t know) on their timeline. Me being me, I decided to draft a super quick poem about them and I posted it in the comments. Said friend really liked it, and commissioned me to edit it and a design a poster so that they could have some poetry decorating their house.

It was so fun. I’ve done bits and pieces of poetic fic in the past, but doing a character study on one of the Nine was a fresh challenge. I didn’t do the Witch-King of Angmar, because there’s so much lore around him I wouldn’t know what to include. Neither did I do Khamûl, because I don’t know his lore very well at all. So instead we’ve got some random wraith being sad and in pain.

I have not ridden in millennia.
My Lord’s eye grows and watches,
burns me. He makes me hunger. If only
I could content myself with
Wine and poppy and pipe weed
Forming rings, my ring, his ring is found.
Orcs, give me cloak and helmet and a
Blade to serve my master;
The starved hidden thing said

I ride, shadow and want to this place
Is not Fangorn, but it is ancient
And live and noxious.
My Lord has been here. I
Smell gold and sulphur and
Sick sweet rot. The wights
Call to me, whisper tales of the
Dúnedain they have taken. Pitiful things,
The Witch-King will not care.

Orodruin’s power and
Barad-dûr’s rot. My nose and ears
Know he is so close. My ears know
A sound. My Lord I am coming.
It is gone. He is gone.
My Lord forgive me,
I will not fail again.
Come Nazgûl, true kings of men
On we search.

I’ve been nominated for the Pushcart Prize!

For those who don’t know, Pushcart Press is an American non-profit that’s been running for about 40 years. Every year, they invite all the small presses across the English-speaking world to submit the best 6 short pieces they published in the year. From these nominations, Pushcart publish an anthology assembling some of the best small presses have to offer.
Nominations have opened for the 2019 Pushcart Prize and The Moonpark Review have chosen my piece as of the 6 they’re nominating this year.

I feel so blessed to be nominated and have my work read by some of the best respected and most discerning publishers in the world.

You can read Mercury from Moonpark’s summer issue here

Vivat Regina

That’s right, we have a publication date!

This chapbook has been a labour of love (and frustration and tears and many resolution to never ever write anything ever again) and in a just a couple months you can have a copy in your hands.

When the pre-order link drops I’ll post it right here. But you can already book tickets for the launch event right here 

Watch this space super closely for more details as they come.