Not NaPoWriMo: A Reflective

Published on Patreon 10th May

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This was fun, which is good. It was not as much of a challenge as I anticipated, which is less good. I don’t know if I really pushed or stretched myself at all but I did have a good time. I think I just went about this the wrong way. I let myself write what first sprung to mind, rather than use rules or prompts. At least I know this now, and next time I do something like this (and there will be a next time) I can get more out of it.

On the whole, the poems I wrote were not good. I was expecting that. What’s a little more surprising is that it wasn’t so nerve-wrecking to share my unpolished/unfinished/lower quality work. It was almost freeing. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not it would be well received because it didn’t matter. It was enough for these poems to just exist, in all their contrived, stilted, awkward glory.

My favourite from the month was #2. I don’t know if it was the best, but it the one I felt the most deeply as I was writing. Loneliness is a problem. I don’t have all the solutions but I do know that my generation are isolated and cut adrift. I know that loneliness leads to a host of health problems like chronic stress, depression and anxiety. I know that it’s not sustainable.


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Headlining A Lovely Word

A Lovely Word is a free open mic night that takes place on the second Monday of every month, in the bistro of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. It was one of the first open mic nights I performed at after returning to Liverpool from uni. I was excited, anxious and out of practice and had no idea how I would fit into this whole new poetry scene. To my utter delight, it was warm and welcoming, with other attendees keen to tell me about other events going on in the city.

Along with the open micers, every month there’s a headliner. I loved watching them, seeing their skill and silently wishing I could do the same. Well, now I will be.

I have been invited to headline at A Lovely Word in June! This is something of a dream come true. It would be fantastic to see some of you there.

On June 11th at 7:30pm, head to:

The Everyman Theatre
5-11 Hope Street
L1 9BH

If you want an open mic slot though, arrive early. They often run out of slots in less than 15 minutes!



First posted on YouTube 21st May 2018
I seldom write horror, but I really enjoy is when I do. When You Find Her is a warning not to trust everyone who claims to know you. Understanding is not the same as friendship.
And recording it is an excuse to break out some blue lipstick and go a lil goth.
Also available as a booklet on Etsy
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Performance Poem: When You Find Her

Lipstick Stains with Djed Press

Sometimes you forget to read the submission guidelines properly. That will almost always result in that poem you so lovingly crafted being immediately deleted because editors simply don’t have that kind of time. But. once in a blue moon it can work in your favour.

Djed Press is an online magazine publishing creative work by PoC in Australia. I didn’t notice the “Australia” bit when I was submitting so I crafted my bio and cover letter, selected my pieces and sent them off.

Thankfully, their editor Hella was not only patient enough to read my pieces, but kind enough to publish me.

You can find Lipstick Stains here.