Poem: A Landmark (Inspired by LS Lowry)

First published on Patreon on February 8th 

I went to the Lowry a little while back and I was sat with my laptop looking at the artwork. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of a lot of it, but for some reason this painting in particular struck me. So, I did what any self respecting poet would do, and I wrote about it.


See how the hills stand before you

See your goal in the distance


See how well it is painted

See how vague

See how the mist seems to wrap around you

See your part in it


See how the landmark waits for you

See how it stands stark against the sky

See the sky

See it heavy, pregnant with tomorrow’s rain

See the blue/white/grey of it

See how the shadows part before you


See the stage

See it set

See the lakes and the hills and the sky

See your part in it

See your quest

See your goal

See the needle point of it

See it reach for you

See how you will reach for it


See how you will knock down the hills

See how you will tear apart the sky

See the forests and mountains you will craft

See the colours you will paint them

See how they will shine, mirror-like when you finish

See your part in it

See how it will change you

See your greatness

See fearlessly

See clearly,

Always see


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